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February 2020
Be the disruptor, not the disrupted.

Regulations in banking and healthcare are a fact of life. But innovation is life. Read on for industry research and real-word examples that will help you move beyond compliance and start creating the customer experiences, partner ecosystems, and revenue streams you need to thrive, not just survive, in an increasingly regulated world.

January 2020
A 2020 vision of the hottest technologies

Axway Catalysts size up the technology trends to watch heading into a new decade. These professionals wander the globe speaking at conferences, consulting with other experts, and keeping their fingers on the pulse of digital transformation and APIs. They lend their insightful and entertaining takes on the hottest technology topics.

December 2019
Happy holidays from all of us at Axway!

As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of our most in-demand resources from 2019. Don’t miss your chance to access complimentary research, insights, and analyst reports that will prepare your organization to accelerate innovation and digital transformation success in 2020. Happy holidays!

November 2019
Speed integration to feed innovation.

Digital transformation is about change and innovation. It hinges on creating new services and experiences by connecting more data, systems, people, and devices than ever before. And that means IT teams need a faster, simpler way to build C-to G (cloud-to-ground), C-to-C (cloud-to-cloud), and even G-to-G (ground-to-ground) integrations. That’s where iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) comes in. Read on to learn more.

October 2019
Survival tips for saving your business in an omniexperience world

Today’s digital natives are the experience generation — and they have big demands. At Axway, we call it “omniexperience,” and it means having empathy for humans, their device and platform choices, and their moments in the customer journey. In short, it puts you in service of your customer, so you both truly experience digital. Here are some insights and resources to help you survive in an omniexperience world.

September 2019
Hybrid integration platforms: integrate faster to innovate faster

Integrations make the world go ‘round. But an endless barrage of integration requests from every department is enough to make your head spin. This inaugural issue of Axway Connect offers access to information and resources that will help you pivot away from the status quo to a hybrid integration platform that empowers other departments to integrate for themselves. So you’re less of an integration factory and more of an integration enabler that can spend more time moving your company forward.

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